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F. (Frank) Miedema, PhD

Thursday 16 February 2017

UMC Utrecht, Laboratories & Pharmacy
Department of Immunology

No contact information available.
In 2009 professor Miedema left the department of Immunology to become Dean and Vice-chairman of the Board of the UMC Utrecht.

PhD theses

Ellen Veel (2014)
"T-cell dynamics in chronic viral infection"

Ingrid Schellens (2009)
"Impact of HLA class I restricted T cells on HIV-1 disease progression"

Rogier van Gent (2009)
"Lymphocyte dynamics in health and disease"

Jolanda Scherrenburg (2009)
"T-cell immunity to herpesviruses in immune disorders"

Ineke den Braber (2009)
"Leukocyte Dynamics in Mice and Men"

Anne de Pagter (2009)
"Towards a safer stem cell transplantation: insights into viral reactivations and immune reconstitution"

Robert Jan Lebbink (2007)
"LAIR and collagens in immune regulation"

Paul Koenen (2007)
"Biology of HIV-NEF in vivo - studies in inducible transgenic mice"

Nienke Vrisekoop (2007)
"T-cell dynamics in healthy and HIV-infected individuals"

Miranda van Berkel (2006)
"ICOS and CD28: similar or separate costimulators of T cells?"