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W. (Willem) van Eden, PhD

Thursday 12 December 2013

Utrecht University, Veterinary Sciences
Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunology - Immunology


E-mail: W.vanEden@uu.nl
Website: Veterinary Sciences

PhD projects
Robin van den BiggelaarVaccine batch to vaccine batch comparison by consistency testing
Manon JansenTherapeutic peptide vaccines in Rheumatoid arthritis; how to promote Treg functionality
Andreja NovakCanine Leptospira vaccine
Daan PierenDynamics and regulation of protective immunity and immune pathology to respiratory infections at old age
Peter ReininkUniversal T cell response against pathogenic bacteria and protists
Hildegard RijksADITEC: advanced immunization technologies
Charlotte de WolfBiomarkers and Assays of Vaccine Safety

PhD theses

Marit de Groot 2017
"Delivery and Immunogenicity of Biopharmaceuticals for Vaccination or Therapy"

Carmen Aranzamendi 2013
"Immunoregulation by Trichinella spiralis: benefits for parasite and host"

Martijn van Herwijnen 2013
"Heat Shock Proteins are Targets Regulatory T Cells"

Wiebren Santema 2011
"Hsp70 as a candidate subunit vaccine for paratuberculosis"

Thi Kim Anh Nguyen 2011
"Towards the use of CD1 presented mycobacterial lipids in vaccines"

Marij van Helden 2011
"Cellular immune responses to respiratory viruses"

Lotte Wieten 2009
"Endogenous stress proteins as targets for anti-inflammatory T cells"

Erwin Claassen 2006
"Cellular immunity in Pneumovirus infections"

Thomas Luijkx 2006
"Immunogenicity of meningococcal PorA antigens in OMV vaccines"

Elmieke Boot 2003
"Targeting activated T helper cells for therapeutic intervention in inflammatory disease"

Esther t Hoen 2003
"Tuning of T cell responses by regulatory T cells"