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F. (Femke) van Wijk, PhD

Wednesday 7 November 2012

UMC Utrecht
Lab for Translational Immunology


E-mail: F.vanWijk@umcutrecht.nl
Website: UMC Utrecht

PhD projects
Eelco BrandPathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease: the role of immune cells, microbiome and invironment in the (pre)clinical phase
David HoytemaIntestinal environmental influence on tissue specific T cells in homeostasis and inflammation
Gerdien MijnheerImmune regulation in chronic inflammation
Judith WienkeThe interaction between tissue cells and immune cells in chronic inflammatory disease in children

PhD theses

Eveline Zonneveld (2012)
"Immune modulation by vaccination in chronic arthritis. A balancing act"

Sarah Roord (2009)
"Novel strategies for immune therapy of arthritis - Towards sustained disease remission"