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I.M. (Andy) Hoepelman, MD PhD

Tuesday 16 October 2012

UMC Utrecht, division Internal Medicine & Dermatology
Department of Infectious Diseases

E-mail: poli-infectieziekten@umcutrecht.nl
Website: UMC Utrecht

PhD projects
Charlotte HakkersEffect of Switching Atripla to Eviplera on neurocognition and emotion
Faydra LieveldChronic hepatitis B, chronic hepatitis C and hepatocellular carcinoma
Sonja van RoedenTreatment and prognosis of chronic Q fever
Laura VosEvaluating Acute Respiratory Tract infections in adult Healthcare

PhD theses

Maaike Krikke (2016)
"Comorbidity in HIV-infection: from epidemiology to immunology"

Matthijs Feuth (2014)
"Lymphocytes and liver fibrosis in HIV & HCV coinfection"

Steven van Lelyveld (2013)
"New insights into complications and treatment of HIV-1 infection"

Linda Kampschreur (2013)
"Chronic Q fever in The Netherlands"

Madelon Engel (2013)
"Improving appropriateness of antibiotic prescribing for lower respiratory tract infections The physician’s decision"

Ferry Hagen (2011)
"Cryptococcus gattii and Cryptococcus neoformans - cosmopolitans on the move"

Joop Arends (2010)
"Immunological and virological changes during treatment for hepatitis C virus infections"

Eveline van Asbeck (2009)
"Candida parapsilosis Molecular Epidemiology and Host Defense"

Ruby Meiland (2006)
"Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Consequences of Bacteriuria In Women with or without Diabetes Mellitus"

Saskia Nijssen (2006)
"Antibiotic Resistance in Intensive Care Units Dynamics of Colonization"

Mirelle Koeman (2005)
"Ventilator Associated Pneumoniea: studies on prevention, and attributable mortality"

Leontine van Elden (2003)
"Impact of molecular diagnostics for the detection of respiratory viruses and clinical value"