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L. (Leo) Koenderman, PhD

Tuesday 2 October 2012

UMC Utrecht, division Heart & Lungs
Department of Pulmonology


E-mail: L.Koenderman@umcutrecht.nl
Website: UMC Utrecht

PhD projects
Na ChenPathogenic role of neutrophils during metastasis: in vivo imaging of the interaction between metastasizing tumor cells and neutrophils
Erinke van GrinsvenNeutrophil compartimentalization
Marwan HassaniFOOTSTEP study: Dual Homing Mechanisms of Eosinophils to the sputum; only one of which is sensitive for Mepolizumab
Selma van StaverenAnalysis of neutrophil subset in mouse and human disease

PhD theses

Tjaakje Visser (2012)
"Monitoring and Modulation of the neutrophil response"

Janesh Pillay (2011)
"Dual role of neutrophils in inflammation"

Willem ten Hove (2007)
"Systemic inflammatory responses in asthma"

Bart Luijk (2005)
"Systemic and airway inflammation after allergen and adenosine provocation in asthma"