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F. (Femke) Broere, PhD

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Utrecht University, Veterinary Sciences
Department of Infectious diseases and Immunology - Molecular Infectiology


E-mail: F.Broere@uu.nl
Website: Veterinary Sciences

PhD projects
Manon JansenTherapeutic peptide vaccines in Rheumatoid arthritis; how to promote Treg functionality
Qingkang LyuDevelopment of anti-inflammatory regulatory T cell therapies in the dog
Andreja NovakCanine Leptospira vaccine
Charlotte de WolfBiomarkers and Assays of Vaccine Safety

PhD theses

Marit de Groot (2017)
"Delivery and Immunogenicity of Biopharmaceuticals for Vaccination or Therapy"

Martijn van Herwijnen (2013)
"Heat shock proteins are targets of regulatory T cells"

Lotte Wieten (2009)
"Endogenous stress proteins as targets for anti-inflammatory T cells"