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F. (Femke) Broere, PhD

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Utrecht University, Veterinary Sciences
Department of Infectious diseases and Immunology - Molecular Infectiology


E-mail: F.Broere@uu.nl
Website: Veterinary Sciences

PhD projects
Susan van AalstBioVacSafe - Biomarkers for enhanced vaccine safety
Marit de GrootCOMPACT: Collaboration on the Optimalisation of Macromolecular Pharmaceutical Acces to Cellular Targets
Manon JansenTherapeutic peptide vaccines in Rheumatoid arthritis; how to promote Treg functionality
Qingkang LyuDevelopment of anti-inflammatory regulatory T cell therapies in the dog
Andreja NovakCanine Leptospira vaccine
Charlotte de WolfBiomarkers and Assays of Vaccine Safety

PhD theses

Martijn van Herwijnen (2013)
"Heat shock proteins are targets of regulatory T cells"

Lotte Wieten (2009)
"Endogenous stress proteins as targets for anti-inflammatory T cells"