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Vaccine development

Friday 29 January 2016

Vaccine development

Prof.dr. Jos van Putten

Infection prevention is the best solution to combat the (re-)emergence of infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance. This project aims to identify vaccine components for the major bacterial intestinal and other mucosal pathogens. The research involves the identification, cloning and expression of candidate vaccine antigens, and evaluation of their immunogenicity as potential vaccine constituent. The work involves the use of a combination of molecular biology, biochemistry and immunological techniques and is carried out in an international setting and partially in collaboration with industry. The results of the experiments may lead to the development of novel vaccines.

 Genetic engineering of bacteria including DNA/RNA isolation, electrophoresis, PCR, cloning, mutagenesis, sequence-analysis, real-time PCR;
 Biochemical methods including (recombinant) protein and carbohydrate purification, SDS-PAGE, immunoglobulin purification, (affinity) chromatography;
 Immunological techniques such as in ovo vaccination, isolation of cells, Western blotting, ELISA, FACS, cytokine expression analysis;
 Microbiology techniques including culture of bacterial pathogens (ML-II) and attenuated (recombinant) strains, infection assays (cell culture) and bacterial challenge assays to test vaccine efficacy.

9 months (6 months)

Prof.dr Jos van Putten, Tel: 030 - 2534344, j.vanputten@uu.nl