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NIZO food research

Tuesday 24 February 2015

In the area of functional foods, gut health is an important target and industries are developing ingredients (such as proteins and peptides, pre- and probiotics etc.) and products to support an optimal health. A range of animal and human studies have demonstrated positive effects of different food ingredients. However, detailed insights into the molecular working mechanisms are often lacking. For this purpose, cell-culture based technologies are applied. During this internship, a range of cell culture-based technologies will be applied to study the effect of food ingredients on gastrointestinal health. You will be working with gut-derived cell lines and well known technologies to study the effect of food ingredients on, for example, pathogen adhesion, intestinal permeability and development. Additionally, you will play a role in further developing (known) technologies.

NIZO food research is a contract research organization that performs research for the international food industry. For this research, NIZO collaborates with external partners such as universities and hospitals. During your internship at NIZO food research you will be involved in the everyday activities of the company.

We are looking for an enthusiastic student with an interest in food science, nutrition and human physiology, and likes to taste the atmosphere in a research company. Ideally you have experience with working in the lab, preferably in cell culture.

Cell culture, ELISA, flow cytometry, enzyme assay, pathogen culture

6 or 9 months

Dr. Els van Hoffen, 0318 659 560, els.vanhoffen@nizo.com
Website: www.nizo.com

Internship agreement
An internship agreement will be made which covers all aspects of working and confidentiality conditions.