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Infectious diseases and Immunology

Thursday 22 January 2009

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Group Willem van Eden (Immunology)
MHC-independent T cell immunity and mycobacterial infection
A novel antigen specific T cell therapy for rheumatoid arthritis
A novel dendritic cell therapy in autoimmunity: preparing for a clinical trial using B29/tolDC for rheumatoid arthritis

Group Jos van Putten (Infection Biology)
Bacterial adaptation mechanisms Group Marc Wösten
Mucosal host-microbe interactions Group Karin Strijbis
Microbiota-host interactions in the intestine Group Marcel de Zoete
Innate immunity against bacterial pathogens Group Jos van Putten
Vaccine development Group Jos van Putten

Group F. van Kuppeveld (Virology)
Molecular biology, pathogenesis and epidemiology of positive-stranded RNA viruses

Group Henk Haagsman (Molecular Host Defence)
Role of collectins in chicken innate immunity
Development of a new class of peptide antibiotics based on natural chicken host defence peptides
Therapeutics against lung inflammation.

Group Christine Jansen
Characterization of natural killer cell subsets in chickens
Role of natural killer cells during herpes virus infection in a non mammalian host
Training the innate immune system in order to enhance the vaccine mediated protection
What is the mode-of-action of water-in-oil adjuvant in inactivated viral vaccines?

Group Alice Sijts
Role of viral protein splicing in immunity to infections with respiratory viruses
Role of a mast cell secreted cytokine in local immune suppression
Role of protein splicing in immunity to infections with intracellular pathogens

Group Hélène Verheije (Pathobiology)
Virus-host interactions in the veterinary field: friend or foe?