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Immune deficiencies

Wednesday 6 March 2013

José Borghans / Kiki Tesselaar

Marianne Boes (Role of endosomal antigen sorting of within human dendritic cells in T-cell priming)
Marianne Boes (Clarifying protective functions of human natural killer T-cells against development of cardiovascular disease)
Marianne Boes (Primary immunodeficiencies as underlying cause for defective early lymphocyte signaling and activation)
Marianne Boes (Clarify requirements for autologous apoptotic cells to serve as antigen cargo for human dendritic cells triggering T-cell activation)
Marianne Boes (Determine signaling modules that distinguish auto inflammation from autoimmunity)
Marianne Boes (Altered antigen-presentation capacity of monocytes of Psoriatic arthritis patients)

Jeanette Leusen (Unravel mechanism of inside-out regulation of FcRI)