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Xinglin Zhang

Friday 12 April 2013

Functional genomics of Enterococcus faecium: antibiotic resistance and niche adaptation

Promotor: Prof. dr. Marc Bonten
Defence: 12 April 2013

This thesis describes the development and implementation of new molecular tools for both genome-wide and targeted genetic analyses in E. faecium. These tools provide a platform for functional genomic-based studies and allowed studies into the biology of this increasingly important nosocomial pathogen. We used these tools in studies to identify and functionally characterize genetic determinants that are involved in ampicillin resistance, bile salt resistance, carbohydrate utilization and intestinal colonization. These determinants contribute importantly to the ecological success of E. faecium as a human commensal bacterium and as an emerging nosocomial pathogen. The knowledge generated by this study may be applied for development of therapeutic strategies against the colonization and infection by E. faecium.