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Research projects

Thursday 22 January 2009

Major and minor research project
The two research projects during the masterís programme I & I have to be complementary, so one in immunology and the other one in microbiology / infectious diseases. The choice of the projects has to be approved by the programme committee.

After having worked on a major research project, the second project (minor) might be spend at a foreign university either in- or outside the Netherlands.

Students work on a research project under the supervision of a staff member, post doc or PhD student. They take part in all scientific meetings of their department. At the end the theoretical background is tested in an oral examination.

Institutes involved in the research projects:

Cell biology Faculty of Biology RIVM
Laboratory for Translational Immunology..... Faculty of Veterinary Medicine..... LUMC
Medical Microbiology Erasmus MC
NIZO food research