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NWO Graduate Programme

Thursday 13 September 2012

In relation to the NWO-grant, which our PhD programme Infection and Immunity recently received, we would like to give you an update.
We have received 26 applications and 7 applicants have qualified themselves for the next round. The selection of these 7 applicants was based on:

1. Grades of the achievements so far
2. CV and motivation letter
3. Reference letter.

These 7 candidates are given the opportunity to write their own PhD research proposal and choose a PI and research group. In the end the 2 best proposals will be funded by the NWO-grant.

The winning candidates:
Rosalien Veldhuizen, Marthe Lindenbergh, Jasper Soppe, Stefanie Luecke, Carien Hilvering, Linda Visser, Nienke ter Haar

What’s next?
The 7 candidates will participate in the next phase: Rotations and Matchmaking.

NWO demands that every candidate must be able to get a complete image of all the research groups within I&I.
We are trying to achieve that by using a smaller variation of the rotation-system, which is regularly used in the USA.
The students are able to visit I&I research groups, within their field of interest.

You can have conversations with the candidates, you can invite them to weekly group meetings, you can let them visit your lab for a day etc. In the end these rotations will hopefully create a good match between a candidate and a potential PI. This process will take 1,5 month. At the 1st of January 2014 the candidates will start to write their PhD research proposals (DEADLINE 15th of February 2014).

This is a proposal for a PhD-training position for four years within I&I. Only the salary of these PhD-students will be funded by NWO, bench-fee/materials will be on the account of the research group.
The proposal should contain a summary, introduction, work-schedule, relevance paragraph, etc.

More information:
Jos van Strijp or Tel +31-88-7556528
Karlijn Visser or Tel. +31-88-7550486