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Biomolecular and cellular cardiology

Wednesday 23 March 2011

As part of my elective component during my masters program Infection &Immunnity I have chosen to follow the course of Biomolecular and cellular cardiology. This course turned out to be a welcome change after the obliged master courses during the master. The course mostly continues on the cardiology subjects that you have followed during the course “Organisme” in the bachelor period. Various aspects of cardiac function are thoroughly described. The course is build around 6 different topics on cardiac disease. The first course week starts with a review on cardiac physiology. Other topics are; gap junctions, stem cell therapy, ventricular remodelling, micro RNA, cardiac arrhythmias, and cardiac hypertrophy. All the topics are presented by experts in the field, and always have a link to a disease. This makes it really easy to translate the scientific knowledge into practice. The whole second week revolves around the group assignments that have to be presented on Friday. Besides giving a presentation, you are also obliged to write a group essay on the same subject. Several essay topics are distributed, from which your group has to choose one. All the essay subjects are directly linked to one of the 6 subjects from the first week. As a group you also have to oppose a presentation given by another group. This really forces you to study the work of your classmates, which contributes to your overall knowledge of cardiac function and cardiac disease.

Overall I found this course very informative and a welcome change from all the immunology related subjects. The course was very well organised, all the lecturers where very easy to get in contact with, and the goals and aims of the course were very clear. The fact that you have to complete a written exam, a paper, and a presentation makes this course pretty intense. But this is a great plus for both your writing and your presentation skills. I would really recommend participating in this course as part of your elective component.

Kevin Budding
February 2011