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Course Advanced Immunology

Wednesday 13 January 2016

This course aims to further extend participantís knowledge of recent developments in immunology and to improve the understanding of key scientific questions and approaches in immunological research.

In 5 days we work our way through, Adaptive Immunity, Innate Immune System, Traffic & Communication and Clinical Immunology. The lectures are combined with discussions on immunological topics, the Eijkman lecture and master class.

Course: January 7 - 11, 2019
Deadline for registration: 17 December 2018

Target audience
The course is mainly directed towards PhD students in our Infection & Immunity PhD programme.
However, the course is open to all scientists with an interest in Immunology.

The course is given in English.

To qualify for the certificate, participants need to attend all lectures.
Attendance is registered.

Study load
5 days / 1,5 EC

- UU/UMCU PhD students (GSLS members): Free
- Technicians: please contact our secretary
- External participants: Ä 500,00