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Toxicology and Environmental Health

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Module 1: Assessment of exposure to chemical and biological agents (6 ECTS)
IRAS, UU, Utrecht

Official information at: http://www.uu.nl/university/international-students/EN/teh/studyprogramme/Pages/courses.aspx

The objective of this course is to become acquainted with the principles of exposure assessment and its role in occupational hygiene, epidemiology, toxicology and risk assessment.

Although this course starts in February, it is the first “non-elective” course for students of the Toxicology and environmental health master so participants from other masters do not have to be concerned about lack of prior knowledge. Also, most topics in this course are quite general, for example; bioaccumulation, skin uptake, outdoor air pollution. However, the statistical and computer modelling exercises can get quite difficult if you do not pay attention.

The ambiance during this course was very good, especially during the two excursions. Also, the course was well organised and coordinators were easy to reach.

Floris Loeff