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Biomolecular sciences Advanced strategies in protein chemistry

Wednesday 13 October 2010

You can find the official description of the course via this link.

Despite the title, the strength of this course does not lie in the techniques that are used in the three practical assignments. However, this course gives a great opportunity to discuss career possibilities with fellow students and researchers. For example: what are the pros and cons of a research project abroad? An eye-opener for the guys: already many girls are wondering what the best time in their career would be if they ever would want children. In between the experiments there also was time to walk through a Vidi grant proposal and discuss it. As a student this is something that you will not often see. As for all techniques, those implemented in this course are easy to learn elsewhere. However, I really appreciated the discussions about the research-related topics.

Good luck with choosing your electives!

Daphne Stapels
Sept 2010