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How do I apply for I & I courses?

Monday 29 June 2009

For I & I Master students
Before you start with your Master, we will ask you to attend an introduction meeting. During this meeting you will get the opportunity to check the courses we selected for you. After this meeting our secretary will make sure that youíre enrolled for these courses.

If you are not able to attend the introduction meeting, our secretary will contact you by email.

For non-I & I Master students
You can apply for our courses by sending an email to the Masterís coordinator (k.denzer@umcutrecht.nl). Your email should contain the following information:
- Name
- Student number
- Contact information
- Name of your Masterís programme
- Back ground knowledge

Please note that we only reserve a few places for non - I & I students. Registration for non - I & I students is on a first come first serve basis.