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Control of leukocyte adhesion under flow conditions

Monday 4 May 2009

Dr Laurien Ulfman

Leukocytes adhere to endothelium under conditions of shear stress (caused by blood flow). The cells utilize a complex mechanism in order to leave the peripheral blood and migrate into the tissues. In this process several families of adhesion molecules play an important role. The project is focused on the cellular mechanisms that steer primary immune cells along endothelial cells under conditions of flow. These processes are typically induced by pro-inflammatory mediators. The project focuses on the fundamental processes involved in the control of adhesion and movement of primary immune cells.

Cell culture, cell isolation, molecular biological techniques, protein transduction, creation of stable cell lines, adhesion assay under flow conditions, image analysis, chemotaxis, proteomics.

9 months

Dr L. Ulfman, l.ulfman@umcutrecht.nl, tel. 088 75 537 30