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PhD programme

Thursday 18 September 2008

The I & I educational programme for PhD students is part of the Utrecht Graduate School for Life Sciences (GS-LS) of the Utrecht University. Since we consider our PhD candidates to be professional researchers we believe that their research project and thesis should be their main concerns during their PhD track.

Therefore our educational programme consists of:
Monthly seminars by leading international researchers
Weekly in-depth lectures by national and international guest lecturers
Advanced course in Immunology
Advanced course in Infection Biology
PhD retreat, focused on research projects
PhD spring meeting, focused on career possibilities

Besides these activities, we encourage our PhD candidates to obtain new skills by the GS-LS generic training, to visit (international) symposia and conferences, and to participate in professional courses pertinent to their own research projects.

We use our online PhD portfolio to track their progress.


PhD thesis
PhD retreat
Seminar calendar
PhD Spring meeting

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