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Educational committee

Thursday 9 April 2009

The members of this committee are MSc students, PhD students and senior staff members of the participating institutes. Together they continuously renew and restyle the PhD training programme. The courses are monitored by evaluation forms. This committee is advisory to the board.

Staff members
Frank Coenjaerts (UMC Utrecht)
Kristin Denzer (coordinator MSc programme)
Raoul de Groot (Veterinary Sciences)
Edward Knol (chairman)
Victor Rutten (Veterinary Sciences)
Alice Sijts (Veterinary Sciences)
Erna van Wilsem (coordinator PhD programme)

PhD members
Mark Bakkers (Veterinary Sciences)
Henrike Broekman (UMC Utrecht)
Dani Heesterbeek (UMC Utrecht)
Genoveva Keustermans (UMC Utrecht)
Anouk Platteel (Veterinary Sciences)

MSc member
Gittan Blezer

Jolanda van der Hoorn
Claudia Rhebergen