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Master's programme

Wednesday 22 October 2014

This Masterís programme gives you the knowledge and research expertise needed to solve the public health problems of the future. Emerging infectious are a threat to human and animal well-being and an increasing number of allergies and chronic inflammatory diseases have a major impact on individuals and society as a whole. Knowledge of the immune system provides us with potential health care solutions for cancer, transplantation and downregulation of a hyperactive immune system as for example in rheumatoid arthritis. By training students in the field of Infection and Immunity, this programme contributes to accumulation of knowledge that is directly or indirectly leading to faster diagnosis of diseases and better treatment options.

On this website information is given about research groups of I&I on the campus: at the UMC Utrecht and the faculties of Veterinary Medicine and Science.
Many examples of major and minor internships offered by those groups.

Please visit the UU site for detailed information about facts and figures, study programme, courses, application procedure and financial matters, career options and prospect.

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